Budo Seminars for Foreigners

International Budo University

Each year in early March the International Budo University in Chiba, Japan hosts a three day seminar on Budo Spirit. During this three day seminar martial artists receive intensive instruction on Japanese martial arts (Kendo, Judo, Kyudo, Sumo, etc.) and the spirit of Budo. Seminar participants are allowed to pick two Japanese martial arts for intensive instruction.

Front entrance to IBU
Front Entrance to IBU

The IBU campus overlooks the Pacific Ocean from the mountains above Katsuura City, Chiba Prefecture. The train station is a fifteen-minute walk from campus, and Tokyo is about one and a half hours away by Limited Express train (That’s the fastest of the local trains).

Since its founding in 1984, International Budo University has evolved into one of Japan’s top-tier private sports school as well as one of the world’s few research institutions in the field of Budo studies (I’m guessing all the rest are also in Japan). IBU has over 2000 students. Teaching and research encompasses a wide variety of Budo related subjects including Budo culture, Budo education, the internationalization of Budo, Budo and the impaired, and Budo history. The university also offers programs in sports science, sports management, coaching science, athletic training, exercise science, health science, sports education, and sports business.

IBU is an attempt to internationalize the Japanese philosophy of Budo. The University conducts seminars for foreign Budo practitioners.  Also, their one-year intensive course (plan on hard training at least six hours per day) is designed to give twenty foreign practitioners of Judo or Kendo the requisite knowledge and training to teach Budo in their home countries.

A Sumo class during the three day Budo seminar


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