I came to Japan in October 2014. As a martial artist I was excited about the prospect of living and training in Japan. Taekwondo is a lifelong pursuit for me and I was lucky enough to study Tai Chi while living on Taiwan. I had a plan to do a lot of serious training while here. Well, as they say “If you want to make God laugh, tell him you have a plan”. Work kept me busy and at age 56 the injuries just kept coming. There went a lot of my training aspirations. I did however, take a fair amount of Kendo and still keep in practice.

On the other hand, I did pretty well on the learning front. Japan’s history is rich in the martial arts. It is apparent in museums, temples, stadiums, movies, and just about every other aspect of modern day Japanese culture. How many cities do you know that have indoor stadiums dedicated to martial arts? Well, Tokyo has three of them. This is probably the most peaceful loving nation on Earth. But still, seven hundred years of domination under the samurai left its mark on Japan. The quest for perfection of technique that pervades every martial artist’s life is prevalent throughout Japanese society.

I developed this  website to pass along my knowledge and experiences to fellow martial artists. It is nothing more than that. In these posts I have listed and described many of the martial arts related tournaments, events, tours, dojos, museums, and temples I experienced during my time here. If I have done this correctly the reader should be far more knowledgeable and much better prepared to have an extraordinary  martial arts experience when visiting Japan.

Nick Eftimiades

This website list martial arts events, locations, and dojos in Japan.

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