As a martiakendol artist in Japan it is frustrating learning you just missed a three day Budo seminar, a worldwide Kendo championship, or some other extraordinary event because you didn’t know about it in advance.

It took me more than two years of living in Japan to learn many of the martial arts related places, events, and schools. I found that information is not often posted online. When it is online; it is often just a short blurb in Japanese. For the “Gaigin” outsider visiting Japan, it’s like a secret club you don’t know about, unless you are a member.

This website is designed to pass along my knowledge to fellow martial artists. I have tried to list and describe many of the martial arts related events, tours, dojos, museums, and temples I visited during my time here. I’ve tried to include a lot of my own pictures, videos, and descriptions to give you a good understanding “or feel” for these places and events. Hopefully, this information will “jump start” your martial arts experience in Japan; and your time here, whether living or just visiting, ¬†will be an interesting and rewarding experience.

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This website list martial arts events, locations, and dojos in Japan.