Martial Arts Restaurants in Tokyo

An essential stop for the martial artist visiting #Tokyo is Gonbachi restaurant. This restaurant located at the corner of Roppongi Dori (Road) and Gaiennishi Dori. This is just a few blocks from Roppongi Station metro in the famous nightclub district. This restaurant was the inspiration for the Kill Bill Crazy 88 fight scene. There is a small garden in the front for outdoor dining and a large area for diners indoors. On the way in note the pictures of the owner with celebrities including Quinton Tarantino.  A complete lunch here runs about ¥1200 (about $10 USD). The lunch menu is somewhat limited offering three or four “set meals”. This style of lunch is quite common in busy Tokyo. But the food is good and the service is excellent. And the very best part of this culinary experience is watching the scenes around you remembering the Kill Bill fight scene.

Another restaurant not to be missed in Tokyo’s Roppongi nightclub district is Mifune’s restaurant named after the legendary samurai actor Toshiro Mifune. There one can get a great lunch for about $10 (¥1200). This is a must stop for all samurai fans.


Mifune (7)

Mifune (1)

You have to remove your shoes upon entering this restaurant; a practice fairly common in many Japan businesses with tatami mats.  The interior of this restaurant is warm and inviting. Most of the seating is “horigotatsu” style. This is where you sit around a low table on tatami mat floor, but the floor under the table is dug out so you have leg space as if you were seated at a regular western style table.  Mifune (3)

These are just two of the martial arts related restaurants in Tokyo. These restaurants are a “must see” for Kendo practitioners and fans of the Bushido culture. There is also a “ninja” themed restaurant in nearby Akasaka which I will review in another post.

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